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Demons of Old Metal `Demon Chronicles Volume III' Review

Demons of Old Metal

`Demon Chronicles- Volume III’



A name doesn’t usually give much away about someone, your name could be Nathan, Danielle or Darth Vader (ok that last one is a bit of a giveaway), but when it comes to music a name says a great deal, it should help identify you in the world and give your fans something to latch onto. Certainly with a name like Demons of Old Metal, it won’t conjure up a rap artist nor a pop one for that matter. It will be Metal and old Metal for that.

Formed back in 2010, they have attained some cool recognition from those high up in the Metal press with one being those lovely lads and ladies at Terrorizer with their first album strangely titled “Volume I”, and now they are back with `Volume III’.

Are they going to ascend to next level of metal greatness or will they be subject to purgatory and suffer the same fate as so many metal brothers before them and fall into darkness?

You know what, the old saying goes `Never judge a book by its cover’ and certainly that is the case with `Demons of Old Metal (DOOM)’, to be honest they look like rejects from a Halloween competition yet this is far from a mishmash of poor rip offs.

If you like old school thrash this one is for you, the vocals are reminiscent of the height of that glorious area of metal, when Metallica ruled the airwaves and so many from the Bay-Area were on top of their game, this is Hetfield and Chuck Billy (Testament) mixed together that just sounds so right.

The songs themselves are damn good, yes clearly the influences are there and anyone that has been a metal fan can hear them as clear as day but they are great, each song is as good as the last and none of them sound boring.

`The Children’ opens with an eerie clean guitar that certainly looks back to the `Fade to Black’ style ballad, it makes it more chilling with the added children’s screams.

It unleashes into an Annihilator style riff with Megadeth overtones.

Each song feels like a great snap shot in time of some of the biggest thrash bands around, Megadeth, Annihilator and Metallica all come to mind and if those guys have got soft there’s always someone young and hungry to take over.

This was a surprise E.P. at only 6 tracks long it’s a short one but each song is a well worked piece of old school metal. The main thing I could see being confusing is their image, once that’s sorted, these guys will be on the road to greatness.

Stand out tracks:

`The Devil That You Know’, `Hellbound’ and `The Children’

Track listing:

  1. The Devil That You Know
  2. Another Day in Hell
  3. Battlecry
  4. Ashes
  5. Hellbound
  6. The Children

8/10- Old school metal recaptured.

Review by Nathan Kerridge-Porter

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